How to clean and refresh the mattress to enjoy a quiet sleep

A person spends one third of his sleep on average, so it is understandable why the bed must be permanently clean. However, the mattress may be a very dirty environment, due to accumulation of bacteria, mites, dust, allergens, spores, sweat, dead cells, dandruff and other impurities. These microorganisms cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they exist and can be dangerous to your health and family. Therefore, at least twice a year, it is good to clean the mattress and refresh it.

Many of the latest-generation natural silver-coated mattresses offer very good antibacterial and anti allergic protection! Additionally, it prevents sweating and provides increased freshness. But as these mattresses are expensive, the easiest is to clean the usual mattress you already have.

Press the sodium bicarbonate over the entire mattress surface

Before cleaning the mattress, it is essential to squeeze it to remove the dirt on its surface.

There is no need to use chemicals to clean the mattress when you have a sodium bicarbonate. Because the mattress surface is large, you will need a full bicarbonate box or 2-3 smaller bags. Rinse the bicarbonate in a bowl and pour over it a few drops of essential oil if you want the mattress to get a delicate scent.

Bring the bicarbonate over the entire surface of the mattress and, with a clean piece of material or a pair of surgical gloves, massage and uniformize the bicarbonate everywhere. Dust will absorb moisture, but at the same time it kills microorganisms that have grown in the material. After one hour, take the mattress again and enjoy the fresh smell it exudes. Get the perfect thing for you now from thelone tree Colorado map of mattress stores.

Wash the mattress with shampoo for upholstery

Washing the mattress with plenty of water is not recommended if you cannot dry it thoroughly. However, to clean the sweat stains and the dirt, you can use a shampoo for upholstery that you mix with water. Soften a sponge in the solution, squeeze it very well and clean off almost every mattress portion. Let the mattress dry naturally.

It prolongs the life of the mattress

To extend the life of the mattress, it is advisable to protect it with a cover and to return it from one side to the other every 6 months to prevent its deformation.