Cleaning of mattresses: How to do it properly

The first step in cleaning any mattress is suction. You can do it weekly when you change your bedding, especially if it’s on the floor – and so exposed to dust – or if you have pets. Use a rough brush from the vacuum cleaner to make the operation work properly. If you notice the appearance of stains, use a suitable upholstery product to remove them. The longer the operation, the more they will get deeper into the material and become permanent.

The steps of cleaning a mattress

Cleaning the mattress may prove complicated if you did not do your homework before. The cleaning options are limited, the result may be superficial and the application of the solutions we use (detergent water) is more bad than good, creating favorable conditions for the growth of mites, fungi and bacteria, loving moisture and warmth.

What to do? There are, of course, solutions, the most appropriate of which is the use of a laundry service. For quick stain removal and more frequent cleaning, we can do it at home, with the help of some of our own prepared solutions, to which we can add a cleaning and refreshing product not only for mattresses but also for beds wool, sofas, chairs and drapes. The best options for the mattress stores Tucson are here now and are also within the budget that you have.

Why it is important to clean the mattress

It should be noted, above all, that on the market we find hypoallergenic mattresses, specifically designed to prevent allergies and various other skin diseases caused by bacteria and mites that can hide in the bedroom. Another recommended choice is latex or spring mattresses, both models ensuring a good air circulation.

The main reason we do not have to postpone the cleaning of the mattress, even when there are no spots, is that the level of sweat during the night is high, and mites prefer moisture and warmth environments that favor their development. In addition, although we often change bedclothes, the mattress remains dirty and does not separate us from it except a thin piece of material.

Beyond this, cleaning is also the main way to extend the life of mattresses. A good quality mattress is a small investment and can last up to ten years, provided it is properly maintained.

Aspiration of dust and food residue from the mattress with the vacuum cleaner

The first step in cleaning a mattress and, most of all, the simplest operation is to use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and food debris. Aspiration must also be done on the back so that any traces of dust inside the material can be removed.