Different Types of Mattress and Their Benefits

Just because they are the classic solution, it does not mean that spring mattresses are less effective or less comfortable than newer models. The choice is dictated, to a great extent, by their own preferences and sleeping styles, but they must also take into account the following advantages and disadvantages:

Here are the most popular types of mattresses:

Arched mattresses

  • An arched mattress can contain fibers that allow good air ventilation and make it suitable for both cold and hot
  • It is a model with a medium to high level of hardness, which provides good support for the spine and shoulders
  • The risk of deformation is reduced
  • Prices are lower than for other types of mattresses
  • It does not offer independence from the partner, which can make it slightly uncomfortable

Foam mattresses and memory foam

In the case of foam mattresses, density is very important, which, for strength and comfort, must be as large as possible. Their main advantage is that they offer a high degree of independence from the partner and medium hardness, but they do not provide ventilation just as efficient as spring mattresses. Here’s what you need to know:

  • They are high and ensure good support regardless of weight
  • Provides a high degree of comfort and relaxation, which makes the number of hours of deep sleep rise
  • They are usually memory foam mattresses that perfectly fold the body, provide a pleasant feeling and do not exert any pressure on the column
  • Durability depends on the density of the material

Latex mattresses

They are recommended for people prone to allergies and skin disorders, made from natural materials and have increased durability, comfort and hardness ranging from one model to another. From the local arrowhead store you will have the best of it.

Mattresses with water

These mattresses, commonly known as waterbeds, are primarily used for relaxation. Although they take the shape of the body and support the spine, they are not necessarily recommended for people suffering from back problems – a situation where the ideal mattress has a slightly higher level of firmness. They are, however, recommended by doctors in the case of burns or patients suffering from rheumatism. If you want such a mattress, focus on models that are not very soft.