Here’s how to quickly clean a mattress

Most of the time you will notice that the price of good mattress is higher than the bed! It is true that there is a kind and kind of mattresses, some cheaper, some more expensive but if you want to sleep well you have to take out more money from your pocket.

But what do you do when you buy an expensive and good mattress and in time it gets dirty and it hurt your soul to throw it. There are some sorts of methods to clean the mattress, some better others less good.

Clean the mattress with vinegar

Mix in 250 ml clear colorless vinegar, 50 ml of hot water and 50 ml of dishwashing detergent. After the mixture has become homogeneous, take a sponge and start rubbing the mattress surface. After you have rubbed the mattress well on one side, take a cloth and rub well until you remove the detergent from the fabric. Do the same with the other side of the mattress. Finally, remove the mattress from clean air to dry it.

Clean the mattress with a solution based on ammonia.

Before you begin cleaning the mattress make sure you are in a well-ventilated room because ammonia vapors are very toxic.

Mix one liter of warm water with 50 ml of detergent and 200 ml of ammonia. After you put a pair of protective gloves with a cloth and rub the entire surface of the mattress with the mixture made earlier. Then take another cloth, and with warm water, rinse and rinse the mattress.

Then remove the mattress to fresh air to dry it. Keep in mind that the mattress will dry well in warm weather. This is why mattresses should be cleaned in the summer to allow them to dry quickly and completely. Get the best beds available anywhere from the domain Austin.

Dangers in the mattress

The toxic substances in his mattresses were still spoken, disocyanate toluene being the most dangerous of them. If we can get rid of toxins relatively easily, with the help of … onion, the surface stains can get rid of the good ingredient at all – sodium bicarbonate.

This helps not only remove the stains on the mattress (with the smell they emit), but also remove the mites. The latter cause asthma, conjunctivitis, dermatitis and allergic rhinitis, and can penetrate into the lungs.

So expert recommends using this method not only to remove the stains from the mattress, but also to refresh it and remove the mites.