A mattress is personal: You’re Options for It

Nice sleeping has everything to do with the mattress. You will not be surprised that the choice is infinite; there are hundreds of types of mattresses. And that is confusing.

First let’s say that a mattress is personal, in which your physical aspects play an important role. Physique, length, temperature and physical discomfort determine which mattress suits you. Add to that your favorite sleeping position and you have a custom mattress.

Are you sleeping on your back? Make sure that your spine can assume an S shape in the mattress. The vertebrae must be able to maintain their natural shape and so the mattress should not be too hard or too soft. It is also important that the back cavity is well supported.

Side sleepers must also take the spinal column into account. It should be straight in a side position, but is soon an S-shape when the mattress is too hard or too soft. A pressure reducing and supportive (high low) mattress helps with this.

A belly sleeper is mainly related to a painful lower back. This pain is caused by too large a recess in the back and a strong twist in the neck. A harder, pressure-reducing mattress offers a good solution.


The hardness of a mattress is related to your weight. A sturdy mattress offers more comfort to people who are slightly heavier. Are you as light as a feather? Then a soft mattress is suitable for you.


Are your feet sometimes poking over the edge of the bed because you have long legs? Then it is high time for a longer mattress! At mattress stores Austin you can find mattresses up to 220 cm. Say goodbye to cold feet!

Physical complaints

Back problems, a hernia, osteoarthritis and rheumatism are just a few examples of physical discomfort:

Can hinder your night’s rest? Now you can unfortunately not completely eliminate this, but with one Pressure-reducing mattress you can relieve your body to a large extent. Body heat is gentle and forms exactly to the body. The result is an optimum pressure distribution without pressure points.  Sleep tight!

Equally technical

We hear you think: What is the difference with other mattresses? Very simple: other mattresses are often

Entirely of latex, cold foam or any other type of material

We have chosen to incorporate two elements of comfort into a mattress. A core of Pocket springs because it best conforms to the body and gives back pressure where it is needed. With the Cover layer in for example latex, the cold foam makes your mattress personal.